产品名称:Packaged air cooled water chiller
BFS series air cooled water chiller is a new generation of unit developed by Bueco. This unit is energy saving and convenient in use, which has the function of reverse cycle automatic defrosting, double steps automatic anti-freezing, built-in self-diagnosable system, and is controlled by microcomputer. It’s for the building that needs long piping, multiple fan coil units with one condenser and wants comfortable ,safe and economical air conditioning with precise temperature control, such as hotels, villas, hospitals, cinemas, stadiums, recreations, office blocks, factories and so on.
It can also provide chilled water or moderate hot water for industria purpose.
The unit is suitable for installing in outspace such as roof, floor and porch, left off the boiler room and the special room,
decreased the investment of building project. And no need of cooling tower and cooling water pump, this unit saves water greatly. And the unit is easy to install, manage and maintain.
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